Jack Daniels (and DR. PEPPER) Ribs

Sometimes, we go down to the Italian Market on 9th Street in South Philly.
Sometimes, we buy massive amounts of meat there.
All of the times, Lou does incredible things with them.

 Sauce ribs were braised in.

These ribs were not truly braised.  Braising is a longer process that involves rendering juices, cooking aromatics in the juices, removing nasty bits.... I didn't do that.  I whipped up a marinade using vinegar, generous seasonings, and some sweated veggies.  My mindset was: vinegar smells like death, add flavorizers to clear death and make way for the flavor angels.

Also, Dr. Pepper was on the scene, healed many of my tastebuds and tenderized many-a-rib.

This time, it was ribs. 
Garnished with carrots and parsley, 
and served with steamed brocolli with a dash of white pepper.
My life, it doesn't get any more delicious.

I should have made more broccoli, these ribs were freakin' amazing though.

Another success :) 
Obviously, there were no leftovers.

Patty (smells(good))


  1. Never used Jack Daniels in cooking, but these look delicious!

  2. Hmmm! I love ribs! I'm intrigued to try adding Jack Daniels in the rib!! I like how you garnish the ribs with carrots. YUMMY!

    1. I thought the carrots on top kind of looked like scales on a fish. Fishy-ribs!

  3. Jack Daniels is good stuff - almost a shame to use it in cooking! The upside, of course, is the cook gets to tet the wares - just to make sure the Jack Daniels hasn't gone bad, of course. ;-) Fun post - thanks.

    1. I didn't use enough Jack to really get much flavor from it. It affected the aroma more than anything else. While I once loved Jack, I gave it too much love earlier in life, so it doesn't treat me too well anymore ;)

      When it comes to barbecue sauce, there's room for nearly anything.

  4. Swoon! Dr. Pepper is pretty much a genius way to tenderize your ribs. Two thumbs WAY up for this recipe :)


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