It is a hobby, NO MORE.

Now I have a golden ticket.
Now I have a some-thing,
not looking this up.

I've been in a pretty good mood lately.  It is now time for me to emerge from my edits and "behind the internet" remarks.  Recently,    I decided to get serious.  Super serious.  I am enrolling in culinary school.  This past week I went for a kitchen visit.

I aided and assisted(annoyed and obstructed) a class of students for 3 hours.  Primarily, I did prep work and dishes.  However, at one point we were making crepes, I stole the batter to make one of my own, someone suggested I use my finger to make flipping it easier.
I let him know that not only did I already flip it, I also used my hand.  I ain't 'fraid of no pan.

Starting out, I fully expect to be at the bottom of the barrel, the runt of the pecking order.  I am sure though that I will be the cream of the crap.  Most importantly, I am now in the barrel, in the pack.
(enough with the sayings, amirite?)

 Look at that ugly mug.

Wish me luck and few cuts.  Bactene and me, we're gonna be good buddies.


It does tricks!  It will steal your wallet!

P.S.  Philadelphia, I watched the gap, it did nothing. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, maybe I missed it.  While "watching" the gap, I spent my time trying to think about what the gap might do.  Maybe the notice is about mice, or maybe there is a gap monster.  I couldn't imagine that they actually want everyone staring at the gap while exiting and entering the train.  My sarcasm stems from bias, I've always liked "Mind the gap", not a verb we use enough here. 

For life baby.

Orange Ginger Salmon with Rice Noodles

A creation Lou made a few nights ago:

Marinate Salmon in dressing of your choosing. 

We used an Orange Ginger Soy marinade (La Choy).
Lou was angry he didn't make his own sauce,
he had to use this one because my mom gave it to him.
He got kiss-up points for using it. 

Lousclues**I've done rubs, but I haven't ventured into marinades yet.  I imagine you use stock, and drop a flavor bomb into it, followed by whatever it is you'd like to enhance.  I feel shame when I use pre-made products, like it's cheating.

Bake Salmon and shred. 

Below are the rice/Thai noodles we used.

The noodles were pre-soaked in water, and maybe salt?

No salt, this time, it was an afterthought, oopsie poopsies.

Fresh orange was grated and squeezed over the concoction to give it a light, tangy flavor.
I'm not sure at what step this was done. 
I'm not observant that way.

IIRC I tried to use my muscles to make juice once I was happy with how cooked the veggies were, shaved off some rind for zest too.  Little corn starch for thickness too!

Vegetables were chopped and sauteed in low-sodium chicken broth. 
Lou chopped brocolli, carrots, water chesnuts, onions, and bean sprouts.

Various seasonings were added. 
After the vegetables had softened, Lou added the salmon.

Noodles were boiled and once softened, added to the mix.
There was some stirring and some seasoning involved.

And then I was handed this!

A Salmon - Thai Noodle success!

 Seconds were definitely had.

And thirds.
What she isn't telling you: we stood around the bowl of leftovers going spoonful for spoonful.  

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay Classy!

Do you use any good marinades?
Do you have a good recipe for an Asian/Thai inspired marinade?
I'm in the market for a good peanut-sauce recipe, does anyone have one?

Pancakes for Dinner!

There's nothing like breakfast food for dinner :)

This pancake recipe was adapted from several and included white vinegar, 
which enriches the milk flavor in pancakes.

**Louisedit** The white vinegar doesn't enrich the milk.  That's like saying you surrounded the diamond on your engagement ring with coal to enrich it.  The small amount of vinegar (2 TBSP Vin, 3/4 Cup Milk) actually 'sours' the milk.  This 'souring' actually turns the milk into a faux-buttermilk.

**Pattyedit** One could argue making SKIM milk taste like FAUX-BUTTERMILK would, in fact, equal an "enrichment"
Check. Mate. **

**LouisEdit** YOU WIN.

     Sometimes, I can be an asshole.  This is one of those times.  Louis, Out.

**Pattyedit**An asshole, maybe, but a winner? No. 
I may not have written the recipe, but I know you made it balla'. Patty, Over & Out**

Lou's surprise-secret ingredient, however, were the SPRINKLES!!

Can you make out the blue sprinkles?

Soo good!

What do you like in your pancakes?

French Onion Soup

 Begin by cutting 2 vidalia onions ,
proceed to carmelize on stovetop in 1 tbsp of butter, 
2 cups of white wine (chardonnay)

**EDIT: 1 cup of white wine for you, one for the broth :)**

**Louisedit**: Add enough wine to cover the onions, make sure to cook the wine/onion cocktail down to a nice syrupy consistency.  2 cups is wtfwaytoomuch.  Also, if you're cooking for company, you might want to figure 2-3 onions PER person, those suckers cook down to nothing.

Delicious, delicious nothing.  Louis out.
and low sodium reduced fat chicken broth.

**Louisedit** : Dont forget the cow broth too!  It's 50/50.  If you're a fancy pants you can use beef consommé.

Cut loaf of italian bread into slices. 
Grate gueryere cheese on top. 
Lightly Toast.
**Louis Edit** : Toasters are for suckers, Broil that s*!t.
Add parsley and Parmesan.

Enjoy :)

Pork Butt Never Looked So Good

Cooked in Yuenling, bbq sauce, carrots, mushrooms, and completed with a bacon blanket.

 (pre bacon)

Heart attack not included. Eat in very itty bitty moderation is key here!

Flavorful Fish & Classic Rigatoni

To make baller fish: 
2 parts butter
1 part soy
1 part dill weed
1 part lemon juice
Pinch of salt

Onion powder
Garlic powder
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