Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalepenos!

Once you see these...

there's no going back.
Once you eat them... they were just so good.

Sliced jalepenos, baked until soft. 
Stuffed with cream cheese whipped with a dash chili pepper
<Probably some other spices in there too?>
Clever girl: Smoked paprika ;)
Wrapped in pre-fried bacon perfection.
Corrections : Steamed the sliced jalapenos, the whole package was then baked at the end, make that cheese all gooey'n'warm.

Mouth watering, yet?
Most important lesson from this cooking experience: Slab bacon from a butcher is awesome.  Spiderweb bacon with all fat and no meat from your grocery store is crap.  Pure crap.
Thick. Slab. Bacon.

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