Ribs and Rice Cakes

There's really not much else to say,
Delicious ribs with a side of asparagus and rice cakes,
perfectly balanced.

Who wants to come over for dinner??


Jam Burgers!

If you've ever wanted to spice up your burger,
Jam Burger is the way to go.

Lou started by creating his own salsa,
including fresh tomatoes, onions, mangoes, and yellow cherries,
seasoned and cilantro-ed, of course. 

But the secret to a Jam Burger,
is to put the salsa not only on the burger as a garnish,
but to include it in the mixture!

Definitely try this at home :-)


The ONLY Way to have.... Fajitas!

Lou is ruining my tastebuds,

The other night we had fajitas.

Tortillas, according to Lou, are easy-p-z.
And homemade, they have this unique crispy freshness,
plus his little hints of spice,
that just make the fajita melt in your mouth.

Just see for yourself! 

The goods.

 And, again, no left overs.

You did it again, Lou :-)

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