Fried Calamari

So when friends are in town,
delicious meals are in order.

Patty was out of town the night prior, so unfortunately there were no pictures taken of the schnitzel I made.  Or the broccoli cheddar mac-n-cheese. 

Lou (my man cute manly guy)(i know where you sleep) whipped up some of his infamous fried calamari.
Using fresh calamari from our favorite (#1 out of... 1) Italian Market,
and seasoned (I'm assuming?) flour.

As Patty continually reminds (he meant nags) me, I need to start writing down my recipes.  I added: generous amounts of dry mustard, a moderate amount of celery seed and pepper, a pinch of cumin (it's strong and makes everything taste like tex-mex, tread lightly), a little salt too. 
He even made his own cocktail sauce,
(it was his first time!).
(i didn't know the components of cocktail sauce, pro chef-in-training)

Needless to say, no left overs.

If I didn't eat a few from the draining rack, I wouldn't have had anything! 
How can anyone go back to restaurant calamari after they've had this??

The correct answer is, you can't...

How do you like your squid?
Any good cocktail sauce recipes out there? 

Tips for calamari : Either cook it fast (fry dem suckers, get it, because of the suction cups) or cook them slow, but not more than an hour.  Any other way will leave you thinking of eating rubber, and if you eat rubber; you're going to have a bad time. 

You can make these again anytime you want, Lou!

Patty(rocks my socks)


  1. Mmm, that looks fantastic! I love calamari but I've never cooked it myself, only ever had it when I've eaten out.

    1. You should definitely try it! It's pretty awesome grilled too.

  2. Fried calamari is one of my favorite things to snack! it looks great

  3. I want my squid just the way Lou made it! It looks so crispy and fabulous!

  4. I love fried squid although I've never made it before myself. I also never knew you could cook them slow, I've always thought that seafood had to be cooked super quick. Good to know :D

  5. this is one dish that I've never made...but love to eat!


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